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Interior DesignWith our extensive experience, training and software applications, we can design from free hand sketch to final drawings using our in-house applications such as CAD.

Our scope of design & documentation encompasses:
  • Consultation in Signage and Design requirements
  • Site Surveys and Photography
  • Concept Development, Visuals and Elevations
  • Brand Development and Graphic Design
  • Council and Centre Management submissions
  • Permits and Town Planning approvals.
Our years of experience mean that we know what it takes to create striking and visually captivating logos that are both memorable and professional. Whether you need assistance in creating your logo concept and design or you need help in choosing the right kind of signs, graphics and colours, we can handle it all!
Our goal is nothing less than to give you the kind of branding tools you need to attract attention and keep it for years to come.
Further, you can be certain that we use only the most current and up to date graphics software on the market, meaning that you’ll get a design you love.



Our high tech Roland Digital printer Use large format digital graphics to add depth and impact to your signage. Utilised for both interior and exterior applications. Great for exhibitions and trade shows. Full vibrant colour digital graphics, with Roland varsa works Use of latest large format digital technology.

  • Digital graphics add depth and impact to your signage
  • Utilise both interior and exterior applications
  • Great for exhibitions and trade shows

 Digital Printer

digital printer



Digital Print

digital print
cnc routing
We Provide Contract CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router cutting services. Our modern precision CNC router can work to a maximum size of 3600mm X 1800mm. 


In addition, our stock of wide selection of materials assist in meeting your tight time schedules. Our other services include free estimates, and minimal or no setup charges apply depending on volume of work.


Our CNC services includes:
Cut rebates
Blind holes
Counter sinks
Multiple depths
Through cuts
Chamfers and
3D work

Unlike traditional methods of cutting such as laser, plasma, or water jet, where only a through cut is achievable.

Our competitive pricing with strict quality control measures provide you an excellent value in using our services.

With a large range of software in house, most file format types are supported including DXF, DWG, PDF, EPS and more. Or, alternately our CAD design staff, can draw your components from a technical or even hand drawing.

Opal designs services industries, Commercial builders, shop fitting, general engineering, aluminium fabrication, plastic engineering, sign and display, automotive.

Materials currently being processed

  • • MDF
  • • Aluminium
  • • Brass
  • • Copper
  • • Acrylic
  • • Aluminium Composite Panel
  • • Polypropylene
  • • Ply Wood
  • • Fibreglass
  • • And More
ACM panel sign
ACM Panel with push thru lettering, 3D fabricated letters with opal returns gives a halo effect when the LEDs are illuminated. An extremely modern, clean and effective use of materials, that give an eye catching result. The customer will always be pleased. Whether you would like us to install the LEDs or just manufacture the signage, we are happy to supply. There are a vast array of colours now available in the ACM material used.
We manufacture 3D Signs either non illuminated or internally lit with a solid or halo lit effect. We can provide foam, MDF and acrylic lettering as well as simple cut out faces.


Most commonly used under awnings or in retail shops, light boxes are a very popular type of illuminated signage. Their main advantage is that the face graphics can be modified very easily. We can manufacture these from Scratch to finish.


OPAL DESIGNS can create custom fabricated letters and logos. Your logo will stand out individually off the surface they are applied to. They can add a lot of dimension to any logo, especially if they are illuminated
Opal designs deliver high quality projects. The company has developed strong relationships with premium builders. We manufacture and install Architectural Cladding Systems using a range of products including aluminium composite material or ACM as it’s also known. It is a light weight facade panel that lends itself to a variety of manufacturing techniques, solid aluminium, stainless steel and glass. Also specialise in rolled and curved panel works.


We offer comprehensive design advice covering issues ranging from panel layout to optimise sheet usage, bracket and framing systems, through to access requirements.


Our team of experienced Project Managers & Supervisors which follow each project through ensuring a clear focus on a quality outcome and timely completion.


All installations are done by our own team of tradespeople, which eliminate the need for this work to be subcontracted out. Another key advantage is that all manufacturing is done in house. Using CNC overhead router for composite panel work, and heavy duty precision mitre saws.


Our precision work both in manufacturing and installing cladding is well appreciated by our clients.

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Opal Designs is an Australian Company located in Dandenong South, Victoria. The company provides ACM Cladding, Digital Printing, Signage and Architectural Interior Design work. We specialise in designing and installing aluminium Composite cladding, CNC routing, and all kinds of plastic and metal sign making. 

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